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I, Female Robot

Author: WANG Guo Qiang

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Sci-fi , Tragedy ,

Update: Oct 10, 2018

I, Female Robot

Next update: about Oct 17, 2018


Since she was young, Qi Qi has been burdened with an incurable disease that will cause her death before the age of 20. Despite this, she uses her genius intellect to develop robotics in order to defy her fate. However, she is inevitably unable to create a robotic body for herself before her time is up. As her vision darkens, she is not satisfied... Only to awaken again?<br><br>Original Webcomic:


I, Female Robot Vol.2 Ch.153 : Rescue Mission Start! (2) new Oct 10, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.152.2 : Rescue Mission Start! (2) Oct 6, 2018
I, Female Robot Vol.2 Ch.152 Sep 28, 2018
I, Female Robot Vol.2 Ch.151 : A Wavering Promise (Vol.2 Ch.105) Sep 22, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.150 : Resentment Sep 2, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.149 : Not The Xiao Xia I Wanted Aug 23, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.148 : Someone Important Aug 12, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.147 : A Strange Encounter Aug 12, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.146 : Encounter with a Robbery Aug 12, 2018
I, Female Robot Ch.145 : Frantically Researching while Getting Near the Truth! Aug 12, 2018

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