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Magic Kaitou

Author: aoyama gosho

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Mystery , Romance , School Life , Shounen ,

Update: May 17, 2017

Magic Kaitou

Next update: about May 24, 2017


Teenage magician Kaito Kuroba has a secret identity: that of Kaitou KID, a famous internationally-known and wanted "phantom thief". Kaito took the identity after one day discovering that his late father was the original Kaitou KID. Later on, he discovers his father, who died from an 'accident' during a magic trick, was really murdered because he would not steal the jewel Pandora for an evil organization. As Kaitou KID, Kaito tries to find Pandora before that organization that killed his father do, and destroy it, leading Inspector Nakamori and his task force on the wildest jewel heists imaginable!


Magic Kaitou Ch.36 : Sun Halo (Part 3) May 17, 2017
Magic Kaitou Ch.35 : Sun Halo (Part 2) May 10, 2017
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.34 : Sun Halo (Part 1) Apr 26, 2017
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.33 : Midnight Crow (Part 3) Oct 22, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.32 : Midnight Crow (Part 2) Oct 11, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.31 : Midnight Crow (Part 1) Oct 6, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.30 : The Phantom Lady (Second Half) Oct 6, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.5 Ch.29 : The Phantom Lady(First Half) Oct 6, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.4 Ch.28 : Dark Knight [Second Half] Oct 6, 2014
Magic Kaitou Vol.4 Ch.27 : Dark Knight [First Half] Oct 6, 2014

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